Simplie Kimmie

Just a small town girl. I enjoy the simpler and rustic things of life. I may look “girlie” but I actually love to hunt, play sports, and workout. I am super competitive, and usually will lose interest if I am doing something that does not involve competition.

While I enjoy being active, I also enjoy reading books, get cozy with a warm blanket, and putting my feet up and relaxing. Part of my relaxation is feeding my right side of my brain, art is my outlet. I adore all of the arts, but watercolor is my preferred medium and love it.

For those of you that do not know, I work in physical therapy full time. I thoroughly enjoy my job. My grandmother always said, ” If you love your job, you never work a day in your life.” So, literally I have job and “never work.” While, I use my right side of my brain for art, I use the left side of my brain “during the work day.”

I am NOT a professional artist, however I do know a good bit about art. I also say that art is my hobby, and I “play” with watercolors. Watercolor is one of those things that is not controlled, it controls its self. I hope you enjoy watercolors as much as I do.

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