Prints are “copies” of originals. The purpose of prints are to offer works they may have already been sold out, or are popular. they are easily reproduced and usually can be offered at a cheaper price depending on the print company.

Prints canbe made of any original that you see onthe ship gallery, of a custom that you w ant to gift to several different people, etc. I print on demand, therefore you have to order the print before I get it printed to helpcontrol the amount of inventory I have in the studio.

There is no maximum or minimum limit on the amount of prints. Sizes can vary based on the printing company, so please let me know. Also, turn around time on prints once payment is received is fully dependent on the printing company and mailing service at that time. I recommend to order well in advance around any holidays.

To order any prints, please fill out the contact form or send me an email.

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