Custom Portraits

Ok, as an artist, you are not supposed to pick favorites. But I am breaking that rule. My favorite thing to paint in the whole world is watercolor house portraits.

Houses are so special to everyone. Houses are truly more than buildings. They are the homes for memories, special people, special times in our lives etc. Having a custom house portrait is great for a first home, new home, selling home for you, family member, friend or client.

I have worked with local AL realtors and even a few in VA to bring their clients special watercolor house portraits as closing gifts. For realtors, I include a specail invoice sheet, as well as a discount for frequent realty orders.

Each custom home portrait comes with handlettered address or phrase at the bottom. These are packaged in clear wrapping, wihtout frame or mat.

Custom family portraits are also very popular. The family portraits are all faceless, with full customizable options. Based off a sent picture,i can customize all colors, heights and can even add pets or Jesus.

While these are great gifts for friends, they are also amazing keepsakes for yourself. Ordering is simple and includes hand letter family name and green leaf border.

Wood slcie portrait ornaments arenew as of this year and have been super popular. These are on real wood slices, with acrylic paint and sealed with twine.

I offer two sizes that are approximate (2″ or 4″). The details on these guys are bit more tricky. While I try to make each one close to the original photos, colors, shapes, and sizes may vary.

Lastly, I offer digital portraits. These guys are super fun and can be used for digital files for web[ages, porfile pictures, posts etc.

The prices on these vary depending on detail and many of people. They are sent to the customer via email in the desired dimensions. i do not offer printing for these, but will reocmmend places and sizes.

TO ORDER: any of the above portraits, fill out the contact form or send me an email. I will send you pricing and possible deals.

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