Watercolor Classes

Watercolor classes are BACK!! After taking time off, and the pandemic, I have started back with the watercolor classes.

Because of the COVID precautions and the amount of attention I can give to each person, classes may not exceed 10 people including me. This allows for me to teach, answer questions, perform hands-on demonstrations, etc.

I provide a supplylist that is conducive for the aspiring professional artist, and for the money savvy artist. I do not REQUIRE any specific brands or supplies, but do require that supplies are brought.

Classes are catered to the skill level of every person. You do not have to have formal training to take a class, and you also do not have be completely clueless to learn something. All ages and experience levels are welcome. I have a list topics I usually cover, however if there is a theme or something in particular you are wanting to learn please let me know.

I do not provide payment for the venue. Liability is a nightmare, and require either a host to rent a venue or use someone’s house. It is incredibly easier for both me and all of the class participants.

To book, please use the contact form page or below or send me an email to reserve your date and topic. Payment for the class is due BEFORE the class. Prices vary but begin at $20 per person, with extra for travel, time,and experience level.


Click the link to sign up below!

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