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These are so popular! I had the pleasure of picking out some summer signature scents and designing some candle labels for Ziegler Farms. I am happy to let you know that there are a few left in each fragrance but these are limited time only. Fragrance scent descriptions are as follows: HEAVENLY SKY: this dreamy…


Who does not love polymer clay earrings? I have teamed up with my girl CocoRay Designs for our third collection to bring you all of the fall vibes and pumpkin things. There are only a select few of these left, however, so message me or send me an email to claim yours. Below is a…

Scripture Cards

New print alert! These cards run 4×4 and pack of 8. The first set are all verses meant to eleicit and bring joy. The designs on them follow a color scheme and theme that matches the scripture types. That being said, there will be different sets of types of scripture: love, fear, hope, and healing…

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